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WEIN IN pet-GLasses
up to 50% discount!
Advantages of PET-glass
Ideal on the road
Extremely light and durable, not broken, no rattles
Keeps all properties of wine
due to the unique patented technology
Allowed where usual glass is prohibited.
in the pool, at a concert, on the beach, at a street party or a football match
Ideal size
187ml * 4 bottles = 1 traditional wine bottle
Easy to use
It is not required to additionally buy glasses and use a corkscrew to drink wine. After drinking a small glass is easy to throw in any urn

Cheers Beverage Distribution has been producing PET wine glasses since 2013. The unique technology is patented by four international patents.

We own a line for wine bottling at one of the largest factories in Bordeaux (France)

Our experts have chosen to produce only the best, but inexpensive wines from the famous wine regions of France and Spain.
Try it!
See for yourself that our PET glasses are so comfortable!
Glass bottle
You love good wine, but, unfortunately, you do not always have the opportunity to use a classic glass bottle.
It is heavy, bulky, and to open it often a corkscrew is required.
With such a bottle you will not be allowed to go to the pool, or to the beach, or to football, or to a rock concert.
In addition, you need to bring glasses to enjoy this wine fully.
The products of our company, the wine in the pet-glasses is a great solution.
The shape of this glass will help to feel the entire bouquet of wine taste.
Modern technology allows you to store wine in a plastic glass for several years without loss of quality.
The glass takes up very little space and fits easily even in a jacket pocket. Now your favorite wine is always with you.
Our wines. French collection

Le Petit Raisin

We offer you four varieties of great wines in PET glasses from the best chateau of France
Vintage varieties Le Petit Raisin
White Dry 187 ml
Tasting characteristics: wine of very pale-yellow color with flattering bouquet giving notes of white pear, citrus, peach, white blossom and fresh, slight smooth
Gastronomic combinations: a pleasant aperitif, this wine goes nicely with shellfish, grilled fish and white meat
Red Dry 187 ml
Tasting characteristics: wine of extremely deep garnet red color, with expressive bouquet unveiling notes of red fruit, blackcurrant, cherry. With a very long finish, this wine reveals smooth and silky tannins
Gastronomic combinations: the perfect accompaniment to white meats, poultry, barbecues, salads and a variety of cheeses
Red Dry 187 ml
Tasting characteristics: wine of intense, almost black, garnet red to purple color, with notes of red fruit, blackcurants, spices and tannic body, with notes of liquorice, fine persistence and long taste
Gastronomic combinations: goes perfectly well with salads and many different types of cheeses
Rosé Dry 187 ml
Tasting characteristics: wine of light, shiny salmon-pink rosé color, with very expressive bouquet revealing aromas of fresh red fruit, strawberry, elegant on the palate, with perfect balance
Gastronomic combinations: The perfect companion for salads, grilled dishes and spicy shellfish, but can also be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif all year round
Our wines. Spanish collection

Mozart House

Fine wines from the main wine region of Spain - Rioja in comfortable PET glasses
Vintage varieties Mozart House
White Dry 187 ml
Tasting characteristics: Wine is a light straw colour with a greenish glow. The bright bouquet is dominated by fruit tones (green apple,citrus,duchesse pear, quince) and mineral notes. Intensive, fresh taste of a wine with a balanced structure which is dominated by the nuances of grapefruit, cherry plum and pear.
Gastronomic combinations: Wine is a wonderful aperitif. Thanks to a balanced, suspended acidity, it is also perfectly combined with seafood and fish dishes (pike-perch, dorado), light salads.
White Dry 187 ml
Tasting characteristics: Wine straw-yellow colour. In a juicy, pure aroma, fruit (quince, green gooseberry), floral (white peonies, violet) and mineral notes are expressed. The concentrated flavour palette is full of quince, litchi, peach, mango and meadow grass tones.
Gastronomic combinations: Wine is ideal as an aperitif or complement with seafood dishes (grilled squid). It also fits well with fish dishes (halibut, cod) and Japanese cuisine.
White Dry 187 ml
Tasting characteristics: Wine of brilliant straw-colored color, has bright and open aroma with fruit (white sweet cherry), flower (lime color), honey and grassy nuances. This harmonious wine has pleasant taste with the easy sweet counterbalanced with acidity, notes of tropical fruit.
Gastronomic combinations: Wine is fine without maintenance. It is possible to recommend it for unsweetened and moderately sweet desserts and fruit, and also cheeses.

Red Dry 187 ml
Tasting characteristics: The wine has an intense ruby-red colour and rich floral aroma (lilac, paeonia, tulip, petunia) with hints of ripe berries (cherry, plum) and spices (cinnamon). The taste of the wine is juicy, intense, with nuances of cherries, prunes with a light pleasant bitterness.
Gastronomy: Wine is perfectly combined with game and red meat (duck, lamb, hare ragout) and traditional dishes of Italian cuisine.
Red Dry 187 ml
Tasting characteristics: Wine of deep ruby-red color with violet patches of light, has roundish, saturated aroma with flower (red flowers, peonies), fruit (ripe blackberry) notes. Wine shows bright taste with tones of ripe cherry and a red pear, expressive tannins and harmonious aftertaste.
Gastronomic combinations: Wine will make harmonious couple to roast beef, rabbit, veal dishes and noble cheeses, and also the Italian paste.
Red Semisweet 187 ml
Tasting characteristics: Wine of rich ruby red colour, in a bright aroma dominated by notes of red fruits and berries (red currant, cherry, plum), floral and spicy notes. The wine has a rich, harmonious taste with a soft texture, notes of candied fruit and confiture,with a lingering aftertaste.
Gastronomic combinations: Wine will make an ideal accompaniment for classic chocolate desserts, escalopes from foie gras and noble cheeses.
Our assortment of bottled wines

Wine trade

We have a huge selection of excellent wines from around the world in traditional glass bottles

We offer you a large selection of wines from France, Italy, Spain and Austria. When working on this range, we were guided by the following principle - quality, tradition, brand, and at the same time, low price.

We have concluded exclusive contracts with many wine producers and thanks to this we are able to offer you the best wholesale and retail prices.

Our Besselers undoubtedly include champagne of the famous Lallier brand and the collection of the Italian winery Farnese Vini, which presents great wines from Sicily.

For wholesalers
We organize everything for your successful business
POS material
From us you get everything - from advertising flyers to sales stands
Special rates

You will receive special low prices from us. The larger the order quantity, the lower the price
Privat label
We can organize for you the production of our production with your own brand
Logistics and customs

We can organize for you the suitable logistics and the clearance of the customs formalities

Cheers Beverage Distribution

Our company employs people who respect their customers and know wine

Our company was founded in 2013 in Cologne. Since 2017 we have been working in Berlin.

Our team includes people who not only love and know their work as wine experts, but also want to bring a new innovation product to the wine market. Thus, the idea of wines in PET glasses was born and successfully implemented.

We have combined the ancient traditions of winemaking with an ultra-modern, practical glass, which makes the process of wine consumption comfortable and simple.

We sell product worldwide. America, Asia, European countries, Russia ... Everywhere you will find our wine in glasses!

If you are committed to traditional packaging, our specialists will select a wonderful bottled wine for you. We have a large selection and affordable prices.

Our customers appreciate us
Our company is engaged in wholesale trade of wine. Products of the company Cheers Beverage Distribution - wine in PET-glasses is in great demand among our customers. We started with a small trial batch, and now we order several dozen pallets per quarter.
Caroline Kennett
Projects manager in WineStar LTD
I buy wine in PET-Glasses for my personal use. I love to travel and always take this wine with me on the road.
Very comfortable, lightweight, unbreakable glasses and great wine.
Thank you for the great idea!
Paul Howard
Creative director in DLD agency
I am a sommelier and I want to emphasize the quality of wines in PET-glasses. At first, I was skeptical, but when I tasted this product, I realized that the wines are wonderful. Correlation money/quality /ease is perfect. Now I recommend it to everyone.
Jennifer Kelly
Sommelier in Wine Paradise
Our company is specializing in organizing mass holidays and we are very grateful to Cheers Beverage Distribution for their products.
Wine in PET-glasses significantly simplified our organization of events and allowed us to save money.
Alex Leman
Creative director PartyTime

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